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/* My freeware Releases:

Now, this is what most of you might have come for - my freeware colllection. All my software is freeware, however, I won't mind if you donate a few bucks to me in order to encourage further free releases. ;-)
Ok, here's the downloads:

Gallery Wizard (last updated 18/Aug. 2k+3 )
- a HTML Gallery creation tool

Splitz (last updated 26/May 2k+3)
- another HTML tool - split large images into smaller ones for tables

Buttonz & Tilez (last updated 11/Sep. 98)
- graphic tool for rendering buttons and seamless background tiles

Another Lens (last updated 11/Oct. 98)
- small tool that shows a magnified view of the screen

Kaos Rhei (last updated 05/Dec. 97)
- renders beautiful fractal images

Just Notes! (last updated 07/Oct. 97)
- small notetaking tool

Tray-HQ (last updated 09/Oct. 97)

- swiss army knife: note taking tool, clipboard manager and more...